\ Photography Procedure

Patience and observation play key roles in making Architectural Photography seem natural.  Ambient light sources, adjusting camera positions and scene staging create meaningful results.  A few degrees of sun altitude or an extra five minutes to let a cloud pass make a surprising difference in changing the appearance of an image.

Whether it is a single interior photograph or an entire campus with a spectrum of image coverage, my process always starts with an interview of the client followed by a scouting survey (if possible) of the assignment.  In fact, the photographic evaluation is comparable to the procedure an architect performs during the design process.

\ Process & Technique

Factors such as design scope, scale, site orientation, and material palette will often govern the best sun angles and camera positions for the photography I provide.  Unavoidable foreground and background elements, however, such as trees, lamp posts, signs, vehicles and other foreign objects will sometimes coexist with the composition.  Understandably, some clients feel that certain obstructions are distracting to the purity of their design.  In such cases, I can offer to digitally enhance the requested items.

\ What Do You Get?

First and foremost, you will receive every single image I capture — whether it’s dozens or hundreds.  Some photographers may only sell you a few.  Plus, I can relinquish the copyright and usage rights to you so you never have to re-purchase individual images ever again, nor ask for publication rights.  You can use every image the way you see fit.

All of the images will be ‘publication-ready’ and can arrive in multiple formats (high-res JPEG’s for your marketing collateral and low-res JPEG’s for your web site and facebook page).  If you want to produce large exhibits out of the images, they will easily accommodate it with their native 10”x15” dimensions and 300 dpi resolution.

\ Why Cipher Imaging?

Trained as a designer, I share the knowledge and terminology of my clients when talking about their project’s LEED® features, goal objectives, site challenges, design concepts and design intent.  My experience allows me to cover all aspects of the built environment as well as the surrounding site.

My services allow you to devote your time and resources to aspects of your business without diverting from daily tasks and routines.  Plus, I own specialized equipment that not every established design firm needs or even carries around — including a 14MP DSLR camera and an assortment of unique lenses (perspective control, wide-angle, and telephoto).

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